Code Enforcement Department

The primary objective of the Code Enforcement Department is to eliminate blight and improve the appearance of residential and commercial areas.  The department exists to address issues that affect the residents of the Village and the community at large.

Code Enforcement issues include:

  • Illegal Dumping
  • Village Stickers
  • Building Permits
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Business and Liquor Licenses
  • Blocking Public way/Sidewalk
  • No Dog tags
  • Dogs Running At Large
  • Failure to Display Village Dog Tags
  • Cook County Rabies Tags /Six months older


The Village of Ford Heights property maintenance and zoning codes are designed to assist in maintaining community property values and protect the viability of neighborhoods and businesses in the community.  Code enforcement helps to prevent an unsafe and unsightly environment and codify safety issues in the community.  Only through compliance with the municipal codes can the Village achieve the quality of life everyone deserves in Ford Heights.

To report possible violations within the Village, please contact Code Enforcement at (708) 758-3131.  It is Village policy that the identity of all complainants is kept strictly confidential. Residents should be aware that most of the complaints investigated by Code Enforcement did not occur overnight.  There are legal requirements which require proper notification to the property owner so a remedy may not be immediate.  Please know that staff is working diligently on the abatement of violations in your area and throughout the village.



708-758-3131 ext. 21 – Fax 708-758-9898