Building Department

Building Department

The Village of Ford Heights Building Department is responsible for reviewing all applications and drawings of all new construction of residential and commercial building. The department also reviews extensive building modifications and issues residential and commercial building permits.

Other department responsibilities include:

  • Annual Fire Life Safety Inspections
  • Occupancy Inspection
  • Rental property maintenance complaints
  • Building Code Violation
  • Health Inspections
  • Rehab Housing Program

The Village of Ford Heights building inspector performs health inspections of all food establishments, institutions, service station food marts and grocery food stores. Food service inspections are approximately every 6 months if no complaints are made. Residential inspections must be completed for all dwelling before a certificate of occupancy is issued and Village water service is approved.

The Building department also responds to tenant housing complaints and illegal dumping.  Tenants are encouraged to report housing related problems to the building department by submitting a letter detailing issues or coming to the Village Hall to lodge a complaint and start the process for an emergency inspection.

In addition, the department collaborates with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department to eliminate nuisance housing. The Building Department also works with the fire department to enforce the fire safety codes and laws. In order to ensure all city codes and ordinance are enforced the department issues citations and summons to property owners for non-compliance of ordinances.



708-758-3131 ext. 28 – Fax 708-758-9898